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Commodity trading

Triskell Conseil Partner specializes in commodity trading, playing a facilitator role between sellers and buyers to carry out reliable BtoB transactions between professionals. Our key commitments are:

  • Facilitate transactions through a prior study of the market and the selection of reliable and sustainable economic players 
  • Search for competitive prices 
  • Understand the common objectives between sellers and buyers, provide support to organize the achievement of these objectives 
  • Explain and make transaction procedures understood
  • Ensure monitoring and support throughout the purchasing process 
  • Follow the supply chain


Our network, our market knowledge and our know-how guide our clients towards the best opportunities in the raw materials market.

Our commodity products

Call on our expertise and network for commodity trading.

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Fossil fuels

Oil trading

We offer a range of petroleum products or petroleum derivatives:

Crude oil

  • Crude Oil type Merey 16 or others

Refined petroleum products

  • Gasolines (Gasoline Octane 91, Gasoline Octane 95)
  • Diesel (EN 590 10 PPM)
  • Aviation fuel (Jet A1)
  • Fuel oil (Virgin Fuel Oil D6)

Gas products

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

*NPK type fertilizers (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium compounds)


Trading of agricultural or food products

We offer you a range of products mainly used as fertilizers for the agricultural world:


  • Urea fertilizer 46 % Nitrogen Granular Gost 2081-92 
  • NPK* 14-18-18 -Granules 
  • NPK* 14-23-14 Granules 
  • NPK* 15-15-15 -Granules 
  • Phosphate


  • Brazilian sugar Icumsa 45 RBU (premium quality white sugar for human consumption).


Metals trading

We offer gold bars (Gold Dore Bar) of 23 carats with a purity of 96% to 98%. These bars can be refined to a purity of 99.99%, which corresponds to 24 karat gold. For more information on the transformation and transaction process, contact us.

Origin: West Africa, East Africa, Asia, etc.


Why choose us ?

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Sector expertise

We have in-depth knowledge of specific industries.

Partner network

We have a network of partners with great expertise in the field.

Recognized suppliers

We are directly with world-renowned refineries and/or referenced and validated suppliers.

Tailor-made solutions

We set up personalized strategies for each client.

Strategic monitoring

We constantly monitor the market to stay relevant.

Continuous support

We provide regular and ongoing support for lasting relationships with our customers.

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